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SternaLock®: The New Standard for Optimal Sternal Closure.
The SternaLock® System from Biomet Microfixation, applies the proven principles of Locking Rigid Fixation to sternal closure.
Every year, over 1 million people worldwide undergo open-heart surgery in the fight against cardiovascular disease.  American Heart Association reports that each year in the United States, over 700,000 open-heart surgeries are performed requiring mid-line sternotomies. Studies have shown that thousands of these patients will develop mediastinitis or other deep sternal-wound infections. These complications present multiple disadvantages to both the patient and the hospital, including significantly increasing patient mortality rates.   
Studies have shown that Rigid Fixation when compared to wire closure provide:
1. Increased stability1,2
2. Greater strength1
3. Reduced sternal separation1

Indications The Biomet Microfixation SternaLock® system is a Sternal Closure System that is intended for use in the stabilization and fixation of fractures of the anterior chest wall. This includes sternal fixation following sternotomy and sternal reconstructive surgical procedures to aid in the alignment and stabilization of bone. Instrumentation has been designed specifically for use with this system of implants.

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